x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

Migrant workers benefit host and home countries

Philippine labour secretary, Rosalinda Baldoz, was at the labour mobility conference highlighting the importance of overseas workers to her country.

ABU DHABI // The importance of labour is increasing in receiving and sending countries, diplomats agreed yesterday.

The Philippines' labour secretary, Rosalinda Baldoz, highlighted the importance of overseas workers to her country, while Eva Akerman-Borje, of the Global Forum on Migration and Development, stressed the importance of migration programmes.

Ms Baldoz said the Philippines had programmes in support of labour migration and told of her country's primary goals of labour migration - financial gains for the country and migrant families and the transfer of skills that allows for greater productivity.

The country has about 10.4 million Filipinos working overseas in more than 200 countries, remitting to their families $22bn a year.

"Remittances ... home usually help to cover daily consumption needs, which in itself contributes to ... eradicating poverty and hunger," Ms Baldoz said.

"Remittances also enable migrant families to send their children to better schools, access health services, and build decent homes."