x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 23 January 2018

Message of unity helped to build UAE

Today's Friday sermon celebrates unity, which is one of Islam's goals.

Unity is one of Islam's goals, so it is every Muslim's duty to work towards maintaining it, according to today's sermon.

A verse from the Quran says: "This, your religion, is one religion, and I am your Lord, so worship Me."

The sermon goes on to cite a verse that says: "And hold fast, all of you together, to the cable of Allah, and do not separate. And remember Allah's favour unto you: how ye were enemies and He made friendship between your hearts so that ye became as brothers by His grace."

Islam looks down on fighting among one another, and opposes division into different sects. The sermon explains that division leads to failure and a loss of security.

The Prophet Mohammed was very strict about those who caused separation.

He described their actions as a characteristic of the "ignorance days", or the pre-Islamic era.

"This is all a clear proof to the importance of uniting as it gathers and does not separate, builds and does not demolish," the sermon says.

"The United Arab Emirates was not far from that understanding … so its leaders were influenced by Islam's teaching and ethics, so Allah blessed the country with truthful, honest men and brought together their opinion as one man's heart."