x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 24 January 2018

Men deny knifepoint robbery at villa

Three men on trial for robbing six women at knifepoint have denied the charges in court in Dubai.

DUBAI // Three men accused of forcing their way into a villa, threatening six female occupants with a knife and stealing their mobile phones and money denied the charges when they appeared in court yesterday. The defendants, AH, 20, an Emirati car mechanic; EA, 18, a student who is stateless; and AM, 23, an unemployed man who is also stateless, pleaded not guilty to the charges at the Dubai Court of First Instance.

Despite his plea, police said AH had already admitted taking part in the robbery. In a statement made after his arrest, AH described walking around the Wuheida area of Deira on the night of Sept 23 with four men: the defendants and two others, an Arab and an Indian who have not been identified. The Indian man had visited the villa in question and when he came out, said he had sexual relations with one of the occupants inside and paid Dh200 (US$54) for it, according to AH's statement.

The Indian man told his companions that he wanted his money back, prompting AH and the other three to force their way inside the villa. One of the men was carrying a knife, which he used to threaten the women and steal their mobile phones and what money they found. AH's statement led to the arrest of two defendants, while the other two men remain at large. All three defendants are residents of Sharjah.

The court adjourned the case until next Wednesday. habathish@thenational.ae