x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 24 January 2018

Members of gang allegedly involved in $1.1 million robbery arrested in Dubai

The gang are believed to have stolen the money from a bank in Afghanistan.

ABU DHABI // Two people part of a group of suspects believed to have stolen $1.1 million from a bank in Afghanistan have been arrested in Dubai.

According to the Associated Press, Afghan police officials were in touch with their counterparts in Dubai and India for help to track the suspects down. An international arrest warrant has already been issued for all 10 suspects.

The theft was led by 22-year-old Shokofa Salehi, from Afghanistan, who worked at Azizi bank Azizi in Kabul for three years before disappearing, along with the money.

She is believed to have transferred the money to her relatives' accounts.

The suspect is also believed to have used a fake name, Samira, in order to travel to India. Her current whereabouts are unknown, AP reported.

One of the suspects arrested in Dubai is said to have spent $850,000 of the money investing in a tire business, as well as several others based in Dubai.


* With Associated Press