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Manager 'molested and slapped employee' in his Dubai office

The woman recorded their conversation in his office after working hours because she "felt something was not right"

The manager of a private company sexually assaulted an employee during a meeting in his office, Dubai Criminal Court was told on Tuesday.

Records show that the Egyptian defendant, 29, asked a Filipina employee to meet him in his office in Al Barsha after working hours on June 2 last year to discuss customer complaints.

“I felt something was not right, so I switched on the voice recorder in my smartphone before I got into his office,” said the woman, whose age was not disclosed in court records.

She said the manager sat beside her and spoke about work for nearly 15 minutes before he began asking her if she liked him.

She said he touched her on the face, neck, chest and tried to kiss her lips then he attempted to unbutton her shirt.

“I began to cry and asked him to stop but he didn't and when he tried to touch my private areas I pushed him so he slapped me twice and asked why would I make problems,” said the woman who ran out of the office and called police.

A 35-year-old Emirati policeman who questioned the defendant said the man said he only slapped the woman.

“He told me that he was discussing a customer’s complaint with the employee then she screamed at him and told him it was not his concern so he snapped and slapped her,” said the officer.

A 37-minute voice recording that the woman provided prosecutors contained a conversation between the two. The criminal laboratory confirmed that the voices were of the manager and the victim.

In the recording, the accused was heard asking his employee about her reasons for checking his Facebook page and whether she liked him. The employee was heard screaming at him and ordering him not to touch her, saying it was not appropriate since he was her boss.

In court on Tuesday, the man denied a sex assault charge. A verdict will be issued on December 17.

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