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Man 'who tried to rape woman is beaten up by her then restrained by passers-by'

The woman allegedly hit the man with a stick and bit him as bystanders rushed to her aid

A drunk construction worker dragged a woman behind a truck and tried to rape her but was beaten up by her and restrained by passers-by, Dubai Criminal Court was told.

The 24-year-old Pakistani allegedly attacked the Filipina accountant on July 12 at around 10.30pm in Al Quoz as she was waiting for a bus.

“At first I spotted him looking at me then he stood next to me so I walked away and stood far, he tried to come next to me again so I told him I would call police,” said the woman.

She said the man did not heed her warning and attacked her. The woman grabbed a stick from the ground and began to beat him.

“He snatched it out of my hand and threw it away, then grabbed me by my shirt — tearing it up. I bit him on his hands and screamed as loud as I could, after which he threw me to the ground so I fell on my knees,” she said.

Records show that the attacker dragged the woman behind a truck in a nearby sandy area and tried to undress her but a group of men heard her cries and rushed to the area. The men restrained him until police arrived.

“She was crying hysterically when we arrived, her clothes were all dusty,” said a police officer, 21.

He said a motorist saw the woman being dragged parked his car and rushed to her aid.

“I was driving when I saw her, and when I got off and walked towards them I could hear her screams all the way,” said the Indian man, 42.

He said three other men came to help and caught the offender who they discovered had been drinking.

The worker was charged with attempted rape and consuming alcohol without a license.

“I don't remember anything, I was heavily drunk,” the construction worker said in court.

He awaits his verdict on September 28.

Updated: September 14, 2017 06:23 PM