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Man who repeatedly raped his maid to spend 10 years in prison

Dubai Criminal Court sentenced the man, who did not attend any of his trial, in his absence

A man who raped his maid repeatedly for eight months will spend ten years in jail.

According to court records, the 52-year-old woman moved to the country in September 2016 to work for the Emirati man, 62, who works with the UAE Armed Forces.

She said he began abusing her in March last year.

“He started threatening me and said that he will hurt me if I didn't do as he wanted,” said the Filipino victim.

The court heard that on October 4, the man tore off the woman’s clothes and raped her while she begged him to stop.

“He said he would beat me up and hurt me. I couldn't scream, and I didn't tell anyone what happened to me because I was scared and confused,” she said.

That day the woman escaped and filed a report at Al Qusais police station.

The defendant did not attend in court throughout his trial.

A medical report confirmed that the employer’s DNA was found in samples taken from the woman’s body though no signs of physical assault were identified.

The accused denied charges during police and prosecutors’ questioning, saying that he is a married man who treated his maid with decency since she began working for him.

“I have always been kind to her and paid all of her wages on time. On the day of the incident, I returned home and she wasn't there so I called her several times, but her phone was switched off. I was surprised when police arrested me near my Al Qusais home on October 10 and took me to the station. When we arrived there, they said I had raped her, which is not true,” said the man told police.

“I never touched her in any way. I am a married man and I respect my wife and myself and would never allow myself to commit such [an act]. But I remember telling her that I will send her back to her country because she is not good at her job. I think this is the reason for falsely accusing me of rape,” he said.

Records show that the defendant lived in one room of a three-bedroom apartment, while three Filipino women live in the other two rooms.

“When I'm not at work, I am home with my wife. I was never home alone with the women,” he said.

Court records did not disclose why he and his wife shared a flat with other women.

On Sunday morning, Dubai Criminal Court sentenced him to ten years in prison.

The sentence can be appealed within two weeks.

Updated: January 14, 2018 07:57 PM