Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 26 August 2019

Man who molested girl has jail term doubled

The defendant will serve a year in jail for inappropriately touching a girl at a supermarket

A man who was sentenced to six months in jail after he molested a girl in a Dubai supermarket has had his prison term doubled by the court.

On May 26, the Indian defendant, 24, hugged the girl, 13, from behind and molested her before fleeing the supermarket in Naif.

The girl’s mother told prosecutors that her daughter approached her after the incident and appeared shocked and afraid.

"She went alone between the aisles and minutes later came back and told me a man kept following her then suddenly hugged her from behind and touched her inappropriately when no one was looking.”

The mother asked supermarket workers to see footage from the CCTV cameras and watched the assault.


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“We saw the whole incident caught on camera, from the minute he followed my daughter until he touched her and ran away,” said the mother who called police.

Police identified the man from the video and arrested him. During questioning, he said he only touched the girl by accident.

In court last July, the defendant admitted to sexually assaulting the girl, saying he deeply regretted what he did.

Dubai Criminal Court sentenced him to six months in prison but prosecutors appealed seeking a harsher sentence.

On Monday, Dubai Court of Appeal increased his prison term to one year. He will be deported upon serving his sentence.

Updated: October 8, 2018 04:16 PM