Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 25 May 2019

Man who beat girlfriend to death in Dubai is arrested

Police said they arrested the man within 18 hours of the death being reported to them

A man was arrested for beating his girlfriend to death in Dubai.

Police said the suspect, a Lebanese resident, was arrested for assaulting and killing the woman in her Dubai Marina flat.

“The suspect was spending the night at the Lebanese victim’ flat when they began arguing," said Lt Col Faisal Al Qassem, director of Dubai Police security media.

"The suspect punched the woman in the face and other parts of her body. The victim suffered from internal bleeding that caused her death," he said.

The man allegedly then cleaned the flat and attempted to hide any evidence that would incriminate him and returned to his flat in a neighbouring emirate.

“The assault happened on Thursday July 19 and the suspect was arrested 18 hours after the crime was reported to the force,” said Lt Col Al Qassem.

When the woman did not show up at work on Sunday, one of her colleagues went to her flat and found her body. She called police who arrested the suspect, Lt Col Al Qassem said.

He said that, during questioning, the suspect admitted to assaulting the woman and told police that they were under the influence of alcohol.

He also said he did not intend to kill her, Lt Col Al Qassem said.

Updated: July 28, 2018 07:16 PM