x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

Man used forged credit cards in Dh200,000 shopping spree, court hears

Records indicate the Pakistani suspect purchased an array of articles in several stores.

DUBAI// An unemployed man went on a wild shopping spree, using 15 forged credit cards to buy more than Dh200,000 in goods, a court heard today.

TB, 42, of Pakistan, was charged at the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance this morning with forgery, illegal use of an official document, 20 counts of embezzlement and identity impersonation.

He used forged credit cards and labour cards in the names of other men, records said. The records did not provide a time frame for all of the man’s shopping visits.

In one of those shopping trips on January 2 of this year, TB visited Al Atheer Jewelry, records said. After wandering around checking the goods, he picked out 16 gold bracelets and a necklace, according to records.

He asked EA, a 46-year-old salesman at the shop, to prepare the items for him. EA told him the items were worth Dh15,682, and asked him about his payment method. TB allegedly showed EA a credit card from the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank.

That card was declined, so TB presented a second credit card, records said. EA got worried but showed no sign of suspicion. EA tricked TB into waiting a little longer, purportedly to prepare the jewelry boxes, but in the meantime calling the Dubai Police operations room to report the incident.

An hour before his arrest, TB was paying a visit to another jewelry shop at the gold souq and allegedly used his fake credit cards there in the name of a man named ZA to buy golden items worth Dh16,440, court records said. He presented an ID with ZA’s name to prove his identity to the shop salesman.

TB used the cards to buy several items including jewlery, lingerie, mobile phones, electronic devices, sportswear, watches, medications and groceries, records said.

During his shopping spree, TB used what appeared to be valid labour cards in the names of ZA and MA as his ID, records said. Those names were also on the forged credit cards.

TB told investigators that a man who is at large asked him to purchase items using the fake cards in return for 25 per cent of their value, court records said. TB said he started using the cards a while ago in Oman, according to records.

This morning, TB failed to appear before the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance. The court scheduled the next hearing for May 4 to summon the defendant.