x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 16 January 2018

Man tried to imprison woman to satisfy 'desires', police say

Woman tells police she arranged to meet the man online, but he knocked her out with a stun gun and took her away.

DUBAI // A man has been arrested by Dubai Police after what officials said was an attempt to kidnap a woman, apparently to be a sex slave, after meeting her online.

Police arrested AA, 40, from an unnamed Arab country, on September 1 after the woman escaped.

The man held her captive in an empty apartment in Deira, in which police found tools and equipment indicating that he had planned to hold her for a long period, officials said. She was not sexually assaulted during the time she was held.

“The tools, which we found in the apartment, suggest that the man had intended to keep the woman there for a long time to continuously be able to satisfy his sexual desires,” said Lt Col Ahmed Al Merri, head of the Criminal Investigation Division.

It was not disclosed how long she was held, but police said she was able to free herself "soon" after she was kidnapped. The arrest was made about 45 minutes after she notified police, officials said.

Police said AA had met the the woman, from an Asian country, online and persuaded her to meet him.

In her statement to the police, she said AA had asked her to meet him in his building in Deira, after which they were supposed to go to a coffee shop.

But in the building lobby, she said, he appeared wearing a mask, then shocked her with a stun gun until she blacked out.

He then dragged her to the empty apartment on the same floor, officials said.

Police are investigating whether AA was connected to other similar incidents. He has been referred to public prosecution.