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Man threatened to shave his wife’s head, Dubai court told

The 27-year-old Emirati woman reported the incident to police after receiving the threats via text message from her unemployed husband YA, 22, also Emirati.

DUBAI // A man threatened to shave his wife’s head if he saw her outside their house.

The Emirati woman, 27, received the threat in a text message from her husband Y A, 22, also Emirati.

“We have been married for only six months and ever since he has been inventing reasons to make fights with me,” she told Dubai Court of Misdemeanours.

“He would make a problem for me for the slightest reason and would often threaten me. He is never home these days and I still have all his messages.”

She said her unemployed husband also sent threatening messages to her mother’s mobile phone.

Prosecutors charged him with sending a threatening text to his wife on January 10 this year.

The message read: “You just go out. See if I don’t follow you and hurt you. If I didn’t, I’m not a man. Then I will shave your head.”

He was also charged with disturbing her by sending several messages.

“I did threaten her before but when I said I would shave her head, I was joking. I was not being serious,” the husband said.

He denied threatening to knock her down with his car.

He was convicted in Dubai Court of Misdemeanours but a sentence was not made available.

The husband told the judges that he was trying to resolve the problem with his wife.