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Man 'tells sister in law he is having marital issues then tries to rape her'

Woman evades his assault by kicking him then locking herself in her bathroom

A man tried to rape his sister in law after entering her bedroom through the window, Dubai Criminal Court heard.

The Emirati, 29, climbed into his sister in law’s bedroom through the window at nearly 4am on July 20, telling her he wanted to speak to her about the marital issues he was having with his wife, her sister.

The Emirati woman, 29, said woke up after hearing a noise.

“I looked up and saw him coming into my room through the window,” she said.

“Then all of a sudden, he gagged me with one hand and threw me to bed with the other,” she said.

He allegedly tried to strip her of her clothes but she kicked him and ran to the bathroom, locking herself inside.

She waited until it sounded as though he had left before leaving the toilet and calling her husband, who was in Thailand. She told him what happened and then called police.

The man was arrested and, during questioning, admitted to climbing the wall around the woman’s home and entering her room through the window.

But at Dubai Criminal Court, the defendant denied the accusations.

A medical report revealed that the woman had been bruised in a manner that would be consistent with her story.

“This is not true, it didn’t happen,” said the defendant in court when confronted with charges of trespassing and attempted sex assault.

The court will cross examine the victim during the next hearing on October 28, on request from the defendant’s lawyer.


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