Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 20 May 2019

Man stabs roommate over Dh100, court told

Accused tells court the victim owed him money

A blacksmith stabbed his roommate three times as he slept because he owed him Dh100, Dubai Criminal Court was told.

On September 7, the Indian, 36, had dinner with his three roommates before they went to their bedroom to sleep.

According to court records, the accused woke up at around midnight to use the toilet, which is located outside their bedroom at their labour accommodation in Al Qusais.

Prosecutors said one of his roommates then locked the door, not realising the man had left the room.

“We were all awoken to loud banging on the door. We opened up and found him furious,” said the Indian victim, 23.

He said he apologised to the angry roommate and explained that he did not realise he was outside.

“My apology was not enough to calm him down, he grabbed a knife and tried to stab me but the other men stopped him and we went back to bed,” said the victim.

Minutes later, the defendant attacked the victim and stabbed him three times.

“He stabbed me twice in the abdomen and once on the arm near my armpit,” said the man, whose screams alerted the other workers.

The attacker was restrained until police arrived and he was arrested. The victim was taken to hospital.

“When we arrived there, the victim was bleeding heavily and his intestines hanging out of his abdomen,” said a policeman.

During police questioning, the accused said he stabbed his roommate because he had not paid him back Dh100 he borrowed from him.

In court on Sunday, the accused denied a charge of attempted murder.

He was also charged with consuming alcohol without a license, which he admitted to.

The next hearing is scheduled for February 17.

Updated: January 20, 2019 07:12 PM