x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 19 January 2018

Man jailed for attack at knifepoint

Construction foreman attacked woman after drinking beer in flat.

DUBAI // A 50-year-old Jordanian construction foreman was sentenced to a year in jail by the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance for forcing a Saudi woman to have sex with him at knifepoint. AI was convicted of having sex with the woman against her will, a lesser charge than rape. He had pleaded not guilty to a charge of rape.

Judge Fahmi Mounir said the court had showed a measure of mercy because AI had a relationship with the woman, who went willingly to his apartment and drank beer with him before he attacked her. Prosecutors said he imprisoned JH, 42, at his International City apartment on the night of July 17, dragged her to his bedroom and threatened her with a knife if she did not have sex with him. The two had met two days earlier when AI stopped his car and offered JH a lift when she was waiting for a taxi. She gave him her mobile number and he rang two days later, inviting her to lunch. She told prosecutors she agreed because she had no money. After lunch she asked AI if they could go to a nightclub that night. He asked her to accompany him to his flat as he needed to change his clothes, and she agreed.

He drank three cans of beer at the flat and JH said she drank one can. She said AI's attitude changed after he drank and he asked her to take off her abaya and dance for him. She refused and said they were only friends.She tried to leave but found the door locked. When she asked AI to open it he grabbed her and tried to kiss her. She resisted and he dragged her to the bedroom and forced her on to the bed, threatening her with a knife if she did not do as he said. She said she agreed because she was terrified, and only asked him not to kill her.

After having sex, AI offered to take her home and pay her Dh500 (US$136) not to tell the police but she said she wanted nothing from him. She left the flat crying and screaming, alerting the neighbours. AI ran after her and offered her first Dh1,000 and then Dh2,000 not to call the police, but a neighbour came to her aid and told her to call the authorities. The court ordered AI to be deported after serving his sentence.