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Man 'insulted father-in-law and countryman at the Address Hotel'

The father-in-law told security he is a good man but sometimes loses his nerves

A trader insulted his father-in-law and another man at the Address Hotel in Downtown Dubai before threatened to kill one of them, Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On January 4, at around 7pm the Syrian defendant, 40, insulted the men in front of hotel guests.

“He accused me publicly of having my wife and daughter, who is his wife, work in the sex industry under my nose,” said the father-in-law, a 63-year-old Syrian businessman.

Prosecutors said the defendant used foul language to insult the second man – a 36-year-old Syrian - before threatening to kill him if he did not give up the ownership of all his companies in Dubai.

“If you don't give up the ownership of all the companies, I will kill you even if it costs me a million dollars,” the defendant said, according to prosecution records.

A Sudanese hotel security guard, 40, said he attended the scene and spoke to the defendant’s father-in-law.

“He told me that his son-in-law was a good man but sometimes loses his nerves like that,” said the guard who also said he did not hear the man issue the insults and threat.

Police said CCTV footage showed the defendant kicking the table that the two men and others were sitting on, though it is unclear what started the row.

The defendant denied charges of issuing insults and death threats when he appeared in court.

His verdict will be issued on October 30.

Updated: October 6, 2017 09:11 AM