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Man 'filmed colleague while she showered because he couldn't sleep'

The man told a company official that he deleted the videos as soon as the woman screamed, a Dubai court heard

A man filmed his colleague through the bathroom’s ventilation window while she showered, Dubai Criminal Court heard on Tuesday.

The Filipina, 28, said she was taking a shower at around 12.30am on October 10 when she noticed a light through the small ventilation window in the bathroom.

The employees of the company where the woman works live in the same building and the woman’s bathroom is located opposite the flat where other employees live, she said.

“When I checked the source of the light, I saw a mobile and realised a co-worker was filming me naked under the shower,” she told the court.

“I screamed and called for flatmates, then the mobile disappeared,” said the woman, who works at a call centre for a pharmacy chain.

She said she got dressed and went over to the neighbouring flat with her flatmates and the defendant opened the door.

“One of my flatmates asked him if he had filmed me in the shower but he kept silent so I called the supervisor then the police,” she said.

The woman told prosecutors that she has been traumatised by the incident and checks windows and keyholes whenever she is home alone or in the bathroom.

“I wouldn't want this to happen again and I was so scared that he would post the clip or share it with others,” she said.

The woman's supervisor reported the incident to the administration which sent a senior official to the building to investigate the incident with all seven residents of the neighbouring flat.

“They all denied it, including the defendant. I then seized their mobiles to check for the recording,” said the Indian administration official.

He said the defendant eventually admitted to recording the video because he was unable to sleep.

“He said he deleted all three clips he made of the woman the moment she screamed,” the man said.

During police questioning, the 21-year-old Indian denied charges of sexual assault and violating the privacy of others.

He also denied the charges in court on Tuesday.

His verdict will be issued on December 26.

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