x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 19 January 2018

Man denies threatening to kill wife unless she aborted baby

A man denied threatening to kill his wife if she did not abort their unborn child, a Dubai court heard.

DUBAI // A man denied threatening to kill his wife if she did not abort her pregnancy, the Dubai Criminal Court heard on Sunday morning.

“This did not happen,” said Iranian MB, 20.

Prosecutors charged him with issuing threats to kill accompanied by demands to his wife to end her pregnancy.

His wife, NN, 23, told prosecutors that in April, the couple had a heated argument, and he grabbed a knife from the kitchen, saying: “I will kill you and your baby if you do not abort the pregnancy.”

The woman’s mother, HR, testified that the man threatened her daughter with a kitchen knife.

The man denied the allegations during prosecution investigations. The defendant’s friend PS, 28, testified that the wife also accused him of threatening to kill her.

“I was in contact with her for one or two times, in one of them I called her to inform her that an amount of Dh36,000 she demanded from her husband to agree on divorce was transferred to her and in the second time I contacted her to collect her husband’s passport which she had in her possession,” PS said.

The defendant’s lawyer asked to cross examine the witnesses in court.

The next hearing will be on November 10.