x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 16 January 2018

Man 'burnt all over body' in chemical attack

Four men, including a policeman, have been charged with burning a man so severely with a searing liquid that he is permanently disabled.

DUBAI // A Pakistani driver lost one of his ears and suffered severe burns all over his body when four men - including a policeman - poured searing liquid on him, it was alleged yesterday.

The defendants - OS, 35, KM, 20, HM, 35, the policeman; and MT, 22, a driver, all Pakistani nationals - all denied charges of assault at the Dubai Court of First Instance.

The defendants attacked the 22-year-old driver, AM, during Ramadan in 2009, pouring a searing chemical liquid over him, according to the prosecution's charge sheet.

He said OS and KM restrained him while KS poured the liquid on him.

He suffered severe burns on his face, head, back and hands and was left with permanent disability from the burns. He has lost one of his ears, cannot close his right eye, and cannot move his neck, the report said. He was also left with burns on his head and face.

Court records did not give a reason for the attack.

The case will continue on May 10.