x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 28 July 2017

Man burns to death on Al Dhaid Road after car is hit from behind

The man's car was parked near Interchange 8 when it was rear-ended and burst into flames.

SHARJAH // A man burnt to death inside his parked car after it was hit from behind by a speeding vehicle on Al Dhaid Road and burst into flames.

The accident happened at about 5am on Saturday near the 8th Interchange when a stationary sedan with Omani plates was hit by a 4x4.

"The man inside the car with Oman number plates died on the spot and his car was completely gutted," said Col Abdul Rahman Khattar, the director of the media and traffic awareness section at Sharjah Police. "By the time our rescue team moved in to stop the fire and pull the man out, he was already dead."

The victim's body was first taken to a hospital and then, on police orders, was transferred to a police forensic laboratory.

Police say they are still investigating the accident and could not confirm if the driver of the 4x4 had been detained.

Police are urging motorists to be extra vigilant as Ramadan approaches, and not to rush on the roads to avoid accidents common in Ramadan afternoon rush hour.

Most accidents during the holy month happen between 1pm and 3pm, just after the shortened Ramadan working hours end for many businesses, said Lt Col Arif Mohammad Al Shamsi, the director of the Sharjah Traffic and Licensing Department.

"The change in the sleeping and working habits impairs the ability of fasting motorists to focus on driving and their concentration level also drops to the minimum," he said.

"Being extra vigilant and not over-speeding to catch iftar could save a lot of lives."

Motorists should take sufficient rest before driving and take a break if they feel tired, drowsy or yawn frequently, Lt Col Al Shamsi said. He also called upon drivers to end their fast on the way home if it is time for iftar instead of speeding home, as this could endanger lives.

Al Dhaid Road is regarded as one of the most dangerous roads in the emirate and will receive extra patrols in the evening hours of Ramadan. Other roads that will get extra patrols include Al Wahda Road, Al Maleha Road and Al Ramla Road.