Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 July 2019

Man attacked and stripped naked in Dubai by massage tricksters, court hears

Woman allegedly stole Dh4,500 from man and took nude pictures of him

A man was robbed, stripped naked and held captive by a gang of tricksters after being lured to a Dubai apartment block by a massage advert, a court heard.

The unsuspecting 24-year-old had turned up for an appointment at an address in Al Rafaa when he was allegedly set upon by several women.

The Uzbek man told police he was attacked by the group, who stole Dh4,500 from his wallet, stripped him and took pictures of him naked.

Dubai Criminal Court heard that the suspects threatened to kill the man if he resisted or called police.

Four Nigerian defendants, aged between 28 and 33, appeared in court charged with holding the man captive, assault and theft and breaching his modesty.

They denied all charges.

The women restrained the man before they were seen rushed out of the apartment with his cash by a guard at the building.

“I saw them running out of the building at around 11pm that day. I know that only one of them had rented that apartment,” said the building’s security guard, 58.

“It turned out that the woman was sub-letting the apartment to people from her home country and mostly women,” said the guard.

The man told police as many as eight women had attacked him. Four women were arrested.

“We received a report of a similar incident that had taken place at a nearby apartment, so we started investigating and arrested four of the women involved at an apartment in the same area,” said a policeman, 38.

The case was adjourned until November 20 for legal representation to be appointed for the defendants.

Updated: November 11, 2018 03:21 PM