Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 17 June 2019

Man arrested after burn marks are found on boy, 3, left in his care

Sharjah police are investigating the abuse claims

Sharjah police are investigating a case of suspected abuse after a three-year-old boy was taken to hospital suffering from multiple bruises and burn marks.

Police said they received a report from Al Qasimi hospital last week after the Emirati child was brought in by his mother suffering from injuries and swelling to the face, hands and other parts of his body.

An examination revealed he also had burn marks on his body.

Hospital officials told police that when they questioned the mother about her son’s injuries, she claimed that he fell over, which they said was suspicious since the injuries could not have been caused by a fall.

During police questioning, the mother, 23, said she was getting a divorce with the child’s father and admitted leaving her child in the care of her friend’s 26-year-old brother so she could spend time with her friends.

When she returned home, she said, she found her son in a bad condition and rushed him to hospital.

Police apprehended the 26-year-old man who they said has a criminal record and are currently questioning him.

Updated: March 1, 2018 01:28 PM