x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 18 January 2018

Man accused of molesting salon worker fails to show up at court in Dubai

The manager of a beauty salon fainted from the trauma after a man allegedly molested her.

Dubai // A beauty salon manager was molested by a client then fainted in fear, a court heard.

Pakistani advertising executive A Q, 30, visited the salon and asked about the tanning machine.

He asked the manager, Canadian S N, 31, to show him parts of her body that had been tanned and she showed him her arms, Dubai Criminal Court was told.

“He tried to pull my bra down but I kicked him and ran to the desk,” the manager said.

She said he followed her but she threw him out and locked the door, which he tried to reopen.

The manager called the salon’s owner, who told her to get help from a nearby gents salon.

She then called the police before fainting in fear.

“She told me she wanted to close the salon and leave because a man molested her but I asked her to seek help,” said the salon’s American owner, M F, 44.

He said that after the incident, on July 31, the manager of the advertising company which employed the accused, and a human-resources worker, asked the victim not to involve the police.

“They said he was a married man and his wife was pregnant and he was fasting on that day,” the owner said.

The accused has been charged with molestation and had been granted bail. He failed to show up in court and police have been ordered to arrest him.

The next hearing was set for December 25.