Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 23 August 2019

Man accused of blackmail after suicide note requests his arrest

The note said 'please arrest SK'

A man has been accused of issuing threats and blackmailing a co-worker, who subsequently killed himself, after a suicide note was found.

A Filipino man was found hanging from the ceiling of his bathroom in Al Muhaisnah 2 on July 29 last year and, among his belongings, police found a letter written in English stating that he had killed himself, and also a request that they “please arrest SK”.

Police investigations revealed that the deceased’s co-worker had matching initials and arrested a Pakistani man, 23.

The man admitted that he had threatened to defame the deceased with indecent pictures of him with another man if the deceased did not buy him an iPhone.

“He (the deceased) had an affair with an Arab man who used to work with us before he resigned and returned to his home country,” said the Pakistani accused.

“After his return, he sent me intimate pictures of him with the deceased and I used these pictures to blackmail the deceased into buying me an iPhone.”

Prosecutors said he had been sent the pictures on WhatsApp, and had demanded an iPhone 5s or else he would post them on social media.

The accused was not present in court to face charges of issuing threats.

The next hearing was scheduled on January 13.

Updated: December 19, 2018 02:15 PM