Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 25 September 2018

Man accused of assaulting two police officers after drinking 

He is accused of using violence towards police, verbal abuse, damaging a public property police uniform and consuming alcohol

A 23-year-old man has been accused of physically assaulting two police officers after drinking alcohol.

According to court records, the Egyptian man was stopped on January 11 this year by two Dubai police officers at Kentucky Fried Chicken's labour accommodation in Al Quoz – they had received a report of theft from his roommate. Upon interrogation, police officers found the defendant was under the influence of alcohol.

The defendant began shouting at his roommate while being taken to the police patrol car. The defendant then insulted the police officers.

“The defendant insulted us. Afterwards, he asked us to allow him to smoke. We tied his arms so that he could not smoke. He pushed us and left the police patrol car and when we tried to control him, he grabbed one of the police officers by the neck and ruined his police uniform," said one of the officers involved, who is from Yemen.

The second police officer interfered and managed to control the defendant, before placing him in the police patrol car.

The defendant has been accused of using violence towards police, verbal abuse, damaging a public property police uniform and drinking alcohol.

In court on Monday morning, the defendant confessed to drinking but said the police officers physically assaulted him first. He denied the other charges.

A verdict is expected on April 16.