x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 18 January 2018

Male prostitute jailed for six months by Dubai court

The man posted several photos of himself in inappropriate poses on websites such as Instagram and KIK, accompanied by captions such 'You get this in return for money'.

DUBAI // A male prostitute who was arrested after police spotted him advertising his services on social media websites was on Sunday jailed for six months.

K A, 22, an Emirati, posted several photos of himself in inappropriate poses, alongside captions such as, “You get this in return for money.”

Police set up an undercover operation in April after they saw the photos on sites including Instagram and KIK.

“He was cross-dressing and standing in seductive poses,” police lieutenant A A, 26, told Dubai Criminal Court.

An undercover officer was assigned to pretend he was interested in hiring him.

“K A asked for Dh2,000 at first but then settled for Dh1,500 and the two agreed to meet on April 20 at a five-star hotel in Dubai,” said the lieutenant.

The defendant arrived at the room wearing make-up and tight-fitting trousers, while carrying a woman’s handbag and wearing women’s perfume and accessories. He also had his hair in a feminine style, added the lieutenant.

Once inside the hotel room he asked for his money, which the undercover policeman handed to him.

“He put it on the table then took off his clothes and that was when the policeman gave the signal for arrest,” said the officer.

A forensic report confirmed he had been prostituting himself, although he was free from sexually transmitted diseases.

The report also said that he had his lips enlarged and had recently undergone liposuction.

Several images of him in sexual poses, were found on his phones and computer. Police also found messages in which the defendant was negotiating prices in return for sex.

Prosecutors said he confessed to being a prostitute, a cross-dresser and to posting inappropriate pictures of himself online.

He was found guilty on Sunday of prostitution and posting inappropriate pictures of himself online.

But he was acquitted of cross-dressing.