x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 19 January 2018

Maid in Sharjah allegedly mixed toxins in child’s water bottle

The Indonesian maid was arrested after the mother finds replusive smell coming from child's bottle.

SHARJAH // A maid had been arrested for allegedly mixing a toxic substance in the water of a child suffering from a brain disorder, police said on Thursday.

The mother of the child suspected the Indonesian maid after her demeanour to everyone in the house changed.

The woman told police that, on the day in question, she smelled a strange odour coming from her daughter’s water bottle. She opened it up and noticed that the smell was repelling and strange.

The mother took the water bottle to Khor Fakkan police station and, after forensic examination, it was determined that the water had been mixed with Phenothrin, which is used as a component of aerosol insecticides for domestic use.

The maid was immediately arrested and then referred to prosecution and she has now been charged with endangering the lives of others.

The mother said in records that she does not know the reason behind the maid’s change of behaviour.