x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

Loving Allah means loving others: sermon

Today's Friday sermon will discuss the importance of loving God and the Prophet Mohammed.

Today's sermon will address the benefits and methods of developing true love towards Allah and the Prophet Mohammed, including fulfilling one's duty towards family.

When people feel love for their creator, it is easier to fulfil obligations and stay away from doing what is forbidden, the sermon says. "And loving Allah obligates the love of his prophet peace be upon him," it reads.

Loving God and the Prophet more than oneself is a requirement of faith, as a hadith says: "No, by him in whose hand my soul is [you will not have complete Faith] until I am dearer to you than your ownself."

Worshippers will also be reminded that this love includes loving one's spouse and children and being loyal to them.

"What increases my love for Allah the most is when I recall the reason for my existence, his blessings on me, when I compare myself to those less fortunate," said Nour Hussein, a 27-year-old from Syria. "When your goal is clear, that you want Allah's satisfaction and you remember that there is judgement day and the afterlife - that erases any bad feelings you have."

She said she tried to learn more about the Prophet and his life to connect with him.

To show her love, Miss Koujan carried out a project with young girls where they painted posters with the Prophet's take on good behaviour such as smiling and good manners, and distributed them in schools.