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Labourer denies molesting housewife as she slept in Dubai villa

The Russian housewife told the criminal court she awoke in the night to find a man's hand touching her leg.

DUBAI// A Bangladeshi labourer allegedly sneaked into the villa of a Russian woman and molested her while she slept, the criminal court heard on Monday.

The defendant Z Z, 26, denied the charges, saying he knew nothing about the incident or the location of the villa.

The victim, a housewife, told the court that last October she was in her bedroom at her property in the Green Community when she awoke to find a hand touching her leg and moving towards her thigh.

“At first I thought it was my son who had came to sleep next to me but then when the hand started touching my thighs intimately I knew it wasnt him, so I turned around to see a man on his knees next to my bed,” she said.

“I screamed loudly and he crawled out of the room.”

She said her husband, who was sleeping in a different room due to an illness, rushed in to help her.

Police officer MM, 35, testified that there had been several reports during October about an intruder breaking into villas in the area to grope female residents.

“An investigating team was formed and we managed to get an accurate description of the defendant,” said M M.

“We found that he had been referred previously to prosecution on a trespassing case so we got his details and arrested him.”

He said a security guard who had seen the defendant earlier in the day was able to identify him from photos.

“When we interrogated him, at first he denied the charges but then he changed his plea and confessed, saying that he trespassed into about 14 villa because he loves touching women’s bodies,” said M M.

Z Z admitted this was not the first time he had faced similar charges.

“I have been accused of molestation and trespassing in five separate cases your honour,” he said.

A verdict is expected on March 20.