x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

Kidnappers 'posed as CID officers'

Four men impersonated police officers to carry out a kidnapping, officials say.

DUBAI // Four men impersonating CID officers kidnapped three people, stole more than Dh13,000 and sought a ransom of Dh2,000, a Dubai court heard yesterday.

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance charged three Bangladeshi men, AF, 24; RKh, 25; JA, 23; and MA, 31, from Pakistan, with impersonating officials, kidnapping and stealing.

The four men are accused of kidnapping MS, RW and MA, all from Bangladesh, in the early hours of August 11 from the home of MA in a labour accommodation in Al Muhaisnah area. The men gained entry by claiming to be CID officers, records show.

One of the suspects, who was wearing a kandoura, reportedly showed an ID and claimed he worked for the CID department.

They then stole Dh13,860, which they found in the drawers, records show.

MS, RW and MA were then taken outside, forced into a car and taken to JA's house, an old townhouse in Sharjah.

AF reportedly owed about Dh3,000 to RW, records show. A labour supervisor had taken Dh1,900 from AF to guarantee that he would pay RW back.

The suspects reportedly freed MA and MS so they would bring back Dh2,000, then freed RW after he convinced them he would bring back the money.

A verdict is expected to be delivered on January 9.