x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

Khalifa City A residents welcome spending on lighting

Much of the residential estate does not have pavements and is badly lit.

Abu Dhabi // Plans to improve street lighting and pavements in Khalifa City are a welcome addition to the emirate’s continuing development.

Much of the residential area is without pavements, and those that are there are dilapidated.

“The facilities here are excellent, we already have everything here,” said Aisha Al Junaibi, who has lived in Khalifa City for eight years with her family.

“Sometimes things get crowded, like the hospital. It is very good, so people come to Khalifa City to use it.”

She has few complaints but the most significant is street lighting.

“The only bad thing is the streets, there are not many good pavements and no lights,” she said.

“At night it is so dark I don’t feel safe to walk around.

“Sometimes at night there are groups of people hanging around and it makes me very scared.

“I do not want to be outside alone when it is night.”

The work is being given a budget of Dh396 million and will include improving the rainwater drainage network, building water-pump plants and reducing the level of underground waters.

Drainage on the roads has been a problem in the past.

When heavy rain fell in 2010, the area suffered bad flooding, with roads covered by 30 centimetres of water.

Sulthan Hamid, a shop manager, said: “The drains are not good, they are in the wrong places on the roads, it has to be level to the road.”

“This has to be changed because it causes damage to car tyres if they drive over them.”