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James Bond star Roger Moore calls for boycott of Dubai store over foie gras

Fortnum and Mason say people should have the right to choose. A branch of the high-end store is due to open near the Burj Khalifa at the end of the month.

Dubai // The English actor Roger Moore has called on people to boycott the Fortnum & Mason outlet scheduled to open in Dubai soon.

The call comes after the release of a video showing the force-feeding of geese on French farms that supply foie gras to the store.

“Force-feeding birds to produce foie gras is cruel. Don’t buy it,” said Moore, who is best known for his role as James Bond. He added that no one should shop there until the company stops selling the food product, which is made with the liver from a duck or goose.

“Fortnum & Mason is one of the last department stores that still sells foie gras – a product so cruel that it is illegal to produce in more than a dozen countries,” Moore said.

According to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta), geese have severe breathing difficulties because swollen livers press against their lungs as a result of being force fed.

The animal rights group wants the delicacy banned and the video shows the stressed birds being force fed with pipes in their mouths.

Moore’s call in support of Peta’s campaign against foie gras follows many other prominent British figures including Vera Lynn, Ricky Gervais, Joanna Lumley and Kate Winslet.

Fortnum & Mason, however, says people should have the freedom to choose what they wish to eat.

“We do understand it is not to some people’s taste and we respect their right to make their feelings known. However, foie gras has been on sale at Fortnums down the centuries and a sizeable number of our customers enjoy it. We believe they should have the freedom to choose,” it said in a previous report.

The high-end store is due to open near the Burj Khalifa at the end of the month.