x Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 20 January 2018

Jail term upheld for man in Dubai who hurt himself to fake self-defence

The man caused injuries to his own back and left arm to make it look like he acted against his countryman in self-defence.

DUBAI // A man who deliberately injured himself after attacking someone, to make it look like he was acting in self-defence, has had his one-year jail term upheld.

Emirati KG, 22, was among a group of men who assaulted countryman BA on April 16 last year, leaving him with no mobility in his left foot.

Forensics experts believe he later caused injuries to his own back and left arm.

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced KG in absentia a few months ago but he applied for a retrial, where his sentence was upheld.

BA’s injury was classed as 20 per cent disability, for the purposes of compensation.

The victim filed a civil case demanding compensation and the criminal court on Wednesday morning ordered the case to be referred to the civil court.