x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 18 January 2018

Inmate who raped fellow convict has jail term reduced

Jail inmate who raped fellow convict has sentence reduced from ten years to three.

DUBAI // An inmate who raped a fellow convict at a Dubai jail has had his 10-year prison sentence reduced to three years by the Appeals Court.

A A, 23, raped the man on April 8, 2011, after finding him alone on the prison ward.

At first the victim was too scared to tell anyone what happened but eventually he told his mother and she lodged a complaint with police.

He eventually reported the attack to a prison guard but became too scared to testify.

However, DNA evidence proved the attack had taken place and the Criminal Court found A A guilty of rape, sentencing him to 10 years in jail to begin after the term he was already serving.

The Appeals Court reduced this to three years. Records did not reveal why either man was in jail at the time of the attack or the defendant’s original term.