x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 19 January 2018

Indecent photos blackmail appeal verdict soon

Emirati man claims wife's ex-boyfriend was blackmailing the couple.

ABU DHABI // An Emirati man filed a lawsuit against his wife's ex-boyfriend for possessing indecent photographs of her, an appeals court heard yesterday.

The woman, also Emirati, said she knew the Palestinian before she was married and had a relationship with him by telephone.

She said he promised to marry her, but when she discovered he was not Emirati she broke up with him.

After she married the Emirati man, the Palestinian started to blackmail her with photographs, sending them to her husband, who divorced her after discovering she had been in a relationship.

A grocery shop was used as a transfer point for the photos, the court heard. The owner of the shop testified that a man came to him with an envelope, saying someone would pick it up.

The owner said he could not be sure it was the Palestinian that dropped the envelope off as it was too long ago, but recalled that it had been picked up.

The Court of First Instance ordered the Palestinian to pay a Dh5,000 fine, which he has appealed against, claiming he was innocent.

Public Prosecution also appealed, asking for a harsher sentence.

A verdict is scheduled to be announced on February 16.