x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

Indecent act in Dubai caught by security camera

The Iranian men, aged 62 and 32, were spotted in a waste-disposal room by a security guard watching the building's CCTV.

DUBAI // Two men caught on camera in an indecent act in a waste-disposal room each claim the other forced him into it.

Iranians M Z, 62, and 32-year-old Q G were arrested on January 31 when the building security guard saw them on camera. With the help of his colleagues, the guard restrained the men and called police.

At Dubai Court of Misdemeanours, the pair denied a charge of having consensual sex.

M Z, who is a sailor and in the country on business, told prosecutors that the younger man had forced himself upon him.

“I met him in a park and we chatted because we are from the same country, then he asked me to accompany him to a computer shop,” said M Z.

“He took me to a building and I thought it was where the shop is located but then he dragged me to the garbage room and got undressed.

“He asked me to have sex with him. I pushed him away and told him I was an old man and have nothing to do with such things.”

The sailor said that he was trying to leave the room when the security guards caught him.

Q G, however, told prosecutors a similar story, only in his version it was M Z who tried to take advantage of him.

Q G said M Z “started kissing me on my cheeks and told me he wanted to have sex with me and then the door opened and guards apprehended us both,” Q G said.

After DNA tests proved the two had had sex, Q G confessed to the charge in front of prosecutors. Last week in court, however, he denied the charge.

Nigerian security guard T J, 34, said that he was watching the cameras and saw the pair heading to the sixth floor.

“I saw them get into the garbage room and, switching to the camera in that room, I saw them having sex, so I sent my colleagues up to restrain them and called police,” he said.

The next hearing is on May 6.