x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 18 January 2018

Increase in Ramadan food prices across Abu Dhabi revealed

Vegetable, fruits and fish and seafood prices are all up.

ABU DHABI // Fruit and vegetables continue to cost more during Ramadan.

Vegetable prices are up 15.6 per cent, fruit 13.1 per cent and fish and seafood 3.7 per cent in the third week of the holy month compared with the first week of June.

A regional breakdown for the first time also shows that fruit prices are rising most in Al Ain with a 24 per cent increase compared with Abu Dhabi city's 11 per cent and Al Gharbia's 9.1 per cent.

Vegetable prices in Al Ain rose 17 per cent, by 16.3 per cent in Al Gharbia and 16 per cent in Abu Dhabi.

Compared with average prices last week, fruit prices increased 1.5 per cent, and vegetable, seafood and meat prices all rose less than 1 per cent.

Al Ain was again hardest hit with fruit up 2.2 per cent week-on-week compared with a jump of 1.5 per cent in Abu Dhabi.

The price data, collected through field visits and figures from the prices and income section of the Statistics Centre Abu Dhabi, are essential, the centre said yesterday.

"The index offers a baseline for concerned government authorities to monitor prices, ensure that there is sufficient supply of various goods, exercise consumer protection and learn about consumption patterns during the holy month," it said.