x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 24 July 2017

Hydra Executives premieres

The first Abu Dhabi-based reality TV show, Hydra Executives, starts its first season.

Abu Dhabi // The first Abu Dhabi-based reality TV show, Hydra Executives, starts its first season tomorrow. Produced by All 4 Media, the show will pit a team of eight Americans against a British team to win a US$1 million (Dh3.7m) prize to fund a business venture. Each potential contestant was required to have a background in property, business or finance and had to submit a proposal for a property development. The winner's concept will be fully funded. The winning proposal will be executed in the UAE and the winner will take the title of first Hydra executive.

"The show's potential to educate and entertain by focusing on the entrepreneurial abilities of candidates will not only supply great conflict and excitement to the show, but will also put the spotlight on Abu Dhabi as one of the richest and fastest growing development markets in the world," said Muhammad Nasir Ali, station manager of Infinity TV, one of the networks to air the 28-episode series. Hosted by Dr Sulaiman al Fahim, the chief executive of Hydra Properties, the show's premise is similar to that of the American reality series The Apprentice, in which contestants are given weekly challenges, testing their business sense, strategy and ability to perform under pressure. Donald Trump, the American business tycoon and host of The Apprentice, will make a guest appearance on the show, as will his former wife Ivanka Trump.

The show will be shown in English with Arabic subtitles. A second season is being produced in which an Indian team will be pitted against a Pakistani team. jhume@thenational.ae