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Husband uncovers wife's body under stacks of rubbish

A compulsive hoarder is found buried by rubbish four months after she died, and more stories you may have missed this week.

A compulsive hoarder who had gone missing for four months was found dead under a huge pile of rubbish in her Las Vegas home. Billie Jean James, 67, was uncovered by her husband, who eventually noticed one of her feet sticking out from the clutter. Police had previously searched the house using sniffer dogs, but say the smell of rotting food and other refuse may have made it impossible for them to detect Mrs James.

A fire that destroyed 12 acres of an upmarket golf course in California was caused by a player accidentally hitting a rock with his club. The impact of his swing sent sparks flying into the rough at the Shady Canyon Golf Course, which ignited dry vegetation. Firemen brought the blaze under control by dropping water from helicopters, while police say no charges will be made against the golfer, who has not been named.

Ferrari recalled more than 400 of its Dh7 million 458 Italia super-cars after concerns that a design fault was causing them to catch fire. The company has sent engineers around the world to investigate what it calls "thermal incidents" that might be caused by an adhesive overheating and igniting. Images of the burn-out vehicles were first highlighted on the website wreckedexotics.com, with locations that included China, France and Switzerland.

A gallant husband who attempted to kill a spider that had frightened his wife ended up in hospital with severe burns. Chris Welding chased the creature behind the lavatory in the bathroom of his home in Clacton, England, then sprayed it with a can of deodorant, which was the nearest thing to hand. Using his cigarette lighter to see if the spider was dead, he accidentally ignited the aerosol fumes, creating what the emergency services later described as an "almighty explosion which blew the man back into his hallway and lifted the hatch on the loft." Mr Welding was treated for burns to his hands.

Researchers have discovered a new demographic that they call the "baby gloomers." According to the study, those between the ages of 40 and 54 are more unhappy than any other age group, largely because they worry about the financial implications of raising a family and what will happen to them when they get older. According to the UK bank, First Direct, which commissioned the survey, more than 50 per cent of this age group described themselves as "unhappy". However, the study also discovered that people became happiest once they reach 55, when they realised they could make positive changes to their lifestyles.

A retired coal miner from China has turned his shack into a family home by digging an underground chamber. Chen Xinnian has so far excavated almost 50 square metres of extra living space using equipment he purchased for the project. Mr Chen, who lives in Zhengzhou, eventually plans to add three bedrooms and a living room underground. He claims the new house is earthquake proof and will be warm in winter and cool in summer.