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Hundreds gather in Fujairah to watch aerial maneouvres of Fursan Al Emarat jet aircraft

Hundreds gathered on the beachfront of Fujairah to watch the jet aircraft of Fursan Al Emarat perform aerial maneouvres for the UAE's 45th National Day.

FUJAIRAH // Hundreds gathered on the beachfront of Fujairah on Friday to watch the seven jet aircraft of Fursan Al Emarat perform a set of breathtaking aerial maneouvres.

The 25-minute performance, which marked the start of the week-long celebrations of the UAE’s 45th National Day, coloured Fujairah’s skies with the UAE flag in red, green, black and white smoke.

Children and adults of all nationalities witnessed the air show with excitement.

Eman Ali, an Egyptian who attended the event with her seven-year-old sister, said it was the first time she attended such an “amazing” show.

“I’m speechless,” said the 23-year-old. “It is such an amazing show that doesn’t look anything like what we used to see on TV. Everybody is happy and celebrating, it’s like Eid, I loved it.”

Rashem Verma, a 31-year-old from India, said the show was “great and breathtaking.”

“What [we witnessed] was unbelievable and emotional,” said Mr Verma, who attended the event with his friends. “We are as happy as the Emiratis and I’m glad that I had this opportunity to celebrate their unity.”

The celebration included many events, such as traditional dance performances, songs and a parade of Emirati horse riders holding the UAE flag.

Emirati Shama Al Hayri, who came with her family, said she did not expect to witness such a large number of people at the event.

“I’m really surprised by the huge number of people attending this event,” she said. “This shows how much everyone loves the country, the show was fantastic and everything was well organised. We look forward each year to celebrate our country and its unity on this special occasion.”

A number of events will take place in the coming week at schools as well as private and governmental entities, to mark the UAE’s 45th National day.


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