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How to check the credentials of pest-control companies

Registered pest-control providers in the UAE should all have a company trade licence.

Registered pest-control providers should all have a company trade licence.

In Dubai, technicians are issued ID cards featuring their name and photograph. Dubai Municipality's pest-control service grades companies on a 100-point system and can provide its list of gradings upon request.

In Abu Dhabi, registered pest-control companies are listed online at nadafa.ae/ar/ESPAcc.aspx but the list is in Arabic.

When looking at advertisements, be aware that registered companies usually advertise landlines as well as mobile contact numbers. A landline indicates the company has an office, one of the prerequisites to obtaining a trace licence.

If you decide to take care of a pest problem yourself, only buy sprays and chemicals available in supermarkets. Do not attempt to use professional chemicals.

* Vesela Todorova