x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 18 January 2018

How hot does it feel at 1pm?

The National will measure the air temperature by the side of a major road in Abu Dhabi every day this summer. Our hand-held thermometer, commonly used by lab technicians, will not be as precise as complex meteorological equipment, but, if used correctly, can give fairly accurate readings. We will also be publishing something that the weather blogger Ahmed Sajwani calls the heat index. It is a measure that takes into account air temperature as well as humidity to show how hot it feels. The heat index will be calculated by a formula on the website of the National Weather Service in the United States. It will be worked out using data from Abu Dhabi International Airport published on a specialised weather website, Weather Underground.

We measured 42°C Official temperature data 41°C Official humidity 36 per cent Calculated Heat Index 48°C