x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 23 January 2018

Hospital features VIP floor

A new Dh367m hospital boasting some of the most advanced equipment in the UAE will also have luxury facilities to cater for VIP patients.

DUBAI // A new Dh367m hospital boasting some of the most advanced equipment in the UAE will also have luxury facilities to cater for VIP patients. The City Hospital in Dubai Healthcare City has a dedicated VIP floor with its own entrance, lift and limousine parking. Patients will stay in suites rather than rooms. There are also presidential suites and a royal suite, which has access to a private swimming pool and gymnasium.

Even ordinary patients at the 210-bed hospital will be able to enjoy in-room entertainment systems and online ordering and catering. The hospital, which was opened by Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, is among the largest and most advanced private health centres in the region. It is fully equipped to start taking patients immediately and will have about 90 doctors. At the opening ceremony, Sunny Varkey, the chairman of the Varkey Group, said: "We have created something iconic in this part of the world which will be raising standards of health care to another level. It will offer excellent services in excellent facilities."

David Hedley, hospital director, said the facility would cover all types of medical needs. He said he hoped the hospital would help retain patients who may otherwise travel abroad for treatment. Services include cardiology, surgery, dentistry, general practice, neonatal, plastic surgery, breast surgery, radiology, intensive care unit and an emergency department with its own ambulances. The hospital is using an electronic record system, which means each patient has one record that can be seen by relevant people throughout the hospital.

They can also be seen by staff at the any of the emirate's four other clinics and the one hospital operated by EHL Management - formerly known as Welcare World Health Systems. It is claimed this type of system cuts costs, processing times and the chances of a patient receiving the wrong type of medication or undergoing unnecessary tests. The Health Authority in Abu Dhabi has recently implemented an award-winning electronic health information system but Dubai has yet to announce any plans to follow.

City Hospital managers are already discussing the possibility of trying to introduce electronic insurance claims, or e-claims. Danie Meintjes, the chief executive of EHL Management Services, which is managing the new hospital, said the plans were hindered by an all-paper system currently used in Dubai. Insurers play a major role in the health sector and the City Hospital has already signed onto two networks. This means as well as private patients paying for treatment themselves, anyone insured by the companies involved can use the facilities and claim it on their insurance.

The hospital is the first multi-disciplinary hospital to be opened in Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC). Dr Ayesha Abdullah, senior vice president of DHCC, said it was a milestone for the development and also for the UAE in general. She said: "With the opening of the City Hospital we have successfully managed to add a world-class healthcare provider in line with our vision of building an international location of choice for quality healthcare services, medical education and research."