Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 15 October 2019

UAE Friday sermon: Yaqoub's role as a father is exemplary

Worshippers to be told of valuable lessons worth learning from the life of Prophet Yaqoub

The Prophets were chosen by God as beacons of guidance and instructors for ‘true believers’, the sermon will tell worshippers on Friday.

One of those prophets was Yaqoub; a man of wisdom. He was a third generation prophet. His father was Prophet Ishaq and his grandfather was Prophet Ibrahim.

The family is praised in the Quran. “And remember Our servants, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – those of strength and [religious] vision. Indeed, We chose them for an exclusive quality: remembrance of the home [of the Hereafter]. And indeed they are, to Us, among the chosen and outstanding.” (Sad: 45-47).

Prophet Yaqoub was known for being very knowledgeable. He was a pious man and taught his children good values, strengthened their bonds with God and offered them advice.

Before he died, Prophet Yaqoub asked his sons, “What will you worship after me?” They said, “we will worship your God and the God of your fathers, Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac – one God. And we are Muslims [in submission] to Him.” (Al-Baqara: 133).

He taught his sons to trust God to protect them and to relieve them of their ­distress. He also told them to be positive, saying “and despair not of relief from Allah. Indeed, no one despairs of relief from Allah except the disbelieving people.” (Yusuf: 87).

One day, his son Yusuf told him of a dream he had seen. “Oh my father, indeed I have seen [in a dream] eleven stars and the sun and the moon; I saw them prostrating to me,” (Yusuf: 4), he told his father. Prophet Yaqoub was worried his brothers would envy him so he advised him not to tell them.

In telling this story, the sermon will advise worshippers to instil love within their children to protect them against conflicts and steer them clear from the path of the devil and his evil plans.

There are many lessons that can be learnt from Prophet Yaqoub, one of them is to show patience when raising children.

Parents must learn to forgive their children, to invoke Allah for them and never to curse them.

Prophet Mohammed said, “Do not invoke Allah against yourselves, and do not invoke Him against your children, and do not invoke curse on your property, lest you happen to do it at a time when Allah is asked for something and grants your request.”

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