Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 24 August 2019

UAE Friday sermon: the virtues of Taqwa

Worshippers will be told of the rewards for piety

To be conscious of God, to love and fear Him, and to be pious is to have Taqwa - something, the sermon will say, all Muslims must strive for.

In practice, this requires carrying out acts of worship, such as prayer, zakat and fasting, doing what is commanded of Muslims by God and abstaining from what has been prohibited.

On Friday, worshippers will hear that listening intently to the Quran, contemplating its meaning and acting according to its verses are the attributes of someone who possesses Taqwa.

Similarly, whosoever wishes to become a "person of Taqwa", should be diligent in ensuring their earnings are lawful, and that their provision contains nothing but the good and pure, the sermon will say.

Islamic scholars have said that no Muslim can claim to be a person of Taqwa until they know where their clothes, food and drink have some from.

Among the clearest signs that a Muslim is attaining Taqwa is by having a praiseworthy character and righteous attributes that include patience, sincerity, and loyalty.

"Whoever fulfills his commitment and has Taqwa of Allah - then indeed, Allah loves those who have Taqwa of Him," the Quran reads.

To treat others with kindness and compassion is a trait of someone with Taqwa. The sermon will tell worshippers to raise their children with affection, and treat each other with respect.

"The more a Muslim transcends their ego, and overlooks and pardons the faults of others, interacting with people in the spirit of grace and forbearance, forgiving their offences, the closer they get to Taqwa," the sermon will say.

There are advantages to having Taqwa, according to the Quran which says "and whoever has Taqwa of Allah — He will make for him a way out. And will provide for him from where he does not expect. [Quran: 65:2-3]"

The sermon will end by prompting worshippers to invoke God to bestow Taqwa upon them, to purify their souls and assist them in the way of piety.

"May Allah bless me and bless you with the Noble Quran and with the Way (Sunnah) of His Noble Prophet."

Updated: February 7, 2019 06:02 PM