Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 24 May 2019

UAE Friday sermon: Practice the example of Prophet Mohammed

Worshippers told of qualities that the Prophet passed on to Muslims

Honouring women, sharing food with neighbours and only saying good things to each other are among the lessons to be learnt from Prophet Mohammed’s teachings.

Friday's sermon reflects on qualities that Prophet Mohammed passed on to Muslims. In many instances, he stressed that men should honour women and treat them with kindness.

"And I advise you to take care of the women,” he once said.

“A husband should follow the guidance of the Prophet by safeguarding the rights of his wife and treat her in leniency and mercy,” the sermon will tell worshippers.

This is backed up by a verse in the Quran that, when referencing women, reads “and live with them in kindness.”

The Prophet also stressed the importance of establishing good relations with one’s neighbour.

“One should honour their neighbours, keep good bonds with them and visit them,” the sermon says.

It cites a Hadith by Prophet Mohammed when he said: "[The angel] Jibreel kept on recommending me about treating the neighbours [in a kind and polite manner], so much so that I thought that he would order [me] to make them [my] heirs."

Some of the ways one can honour their neighbour is by offering them food.

One of the Prophet’s companions Abu Dharr said: "My closest friend has advised me saying, 'Whenever you prepare a broth, put plenty of water in it, and then choose one of your neighbours and give some out of this to them with courtesy."

The Prophet also urged people to guard their tongues and hands from wrongdoings.

When one of his companions asked him for advice, Prophet Mohammed replied: "Do you own your tongue?" The man said: "I would own nothing if I don't own my tongue!"

The Prophet asked: "Do you own your hand?" The man responded: "I would own nothing if I don't own my hand!"

Prophet Mohammed said, "Then say not with your tongue except that which is good and extend not your hand except with that which is good."

On another occasion, the Prophet said: "Do not abuse anyone and do not look down upon any good work, even it was meeting your brother with a cheerful face."

“Indeed, such is the example of the believer; a praiseworthy behaviour, a nice temper, sweet words of mouth, and a smiling face,” the sermon concludes.

“He says that which is good so that he gets rewarded, or keeps silent and safeguards himself.”

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