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UAE Friday sermon: lessons that can be learnt from the Prophet's closest companion

Mosque-goers will be told of Abu Bakir and his steadfastness in protecting and following Prophet Mohammed

The morning after Al Isra Wa Al Miraj, people from Quraish asked Abu Bakr Al Siddiq, Prophet Mohammed's senior companion and father-in-law, if he believed that the Messenger of God had journeyed on a winged horse to and from Al Aqsa Mosque from Makkah in one night.

"Yes," said Abu Bakir. "I believe him with regard to something even greater than that. I believe him with regard to the revelation that he brings from the Heaven, whether in the space of a morning or in that of an evening journey."

Abu Bakir was a true companion to the Prophet and was therefore granted great status and praised by Allah, the sermon will tell mosque-goers on Friday — the day before the anniversary of Isra Wa Al Miraj.

He was the first man to embrace Islam, was bravest among the Prophet's companions and the most firm in grave situations.

Abu Bakir was among those who wrote the revelations and the first to compile the Quran. He was also the first of the companions to be promised Paradise and was the closest to the Messenger of Allah.

Indeed, the Prophet chose Abu Bakir to accompany him in his emigration to Madinah.

Abu Bakir equally loved Prophet Mohammed to the extent that it was said he preferred him over himself and his children.

When the two men emigrated to Madinah, Abu Bakir would sometimes walk in front of the Prophet, and other times behind him.

When Prophet Mohammed noticed his behaviour, he asked him why he walked in this way.

Abu Bakir said: "When I think about the people who are lying in wait for you (to assassinate you), I walk behind you. But when I think about the people who are searching for you, I start walking in front of you."

The Prophet asked him, "Oh Abu Bakr, do you prefer yourself over me to face any incident that may occur!" Abu Bakr answered, "Yes, indeed. By the One Who sent you with the truth."

Abu Bakir's virtues were many; he always hastened to perform acts of goodness and took the initiative to do all that which may open the doorways to Paradise for him.

He was also unmatched in his love of giving to charity and his piety.

One of the most valuable lesson a Muslim can draw from the life of Abu Bakr is the sincere love for the Prophet and excellence in following his guidance, the sermon will say.

He died at the age of 63, the same age at which Prophet Mohammed died, and was buried next to him.

The sermon will say that all of the Prophet's companions have set role models for the generations to emulate and Allah praised them all in the Quran.

They preserved Islam and the Prophet once said of them "My companions are source of security for my Ummah (people)."

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