x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 17 January 2018

In praise of Sheikh Zayed

Roderick Fenwick Owen was court poet to Sheikh Zayed.

A thousand grains of Sand whirl in the sky

To mark the journey of one passer-by

If then a Cavalcade disturbs the scene,

Shall such grains sing before they start to fly?


What man of Honour, and to Honour bred

Will fear to go wherever Truth has led?

For though a Thousand urge him to retreat

He'll laugh, until such counsellors have fled.


Stands always One, defiant and alone

Against the Many, when all Hope has flown.

Then comes the Test; and only then the time

Of reckoning what each can call his own.


History will not forget: that one small Seed

Sufficed to tip the Scales in time of need.

More than a debt, the Emirates owe to Zayed

Their very soul, from outside influence freed.

Roderick Fenwick Owen