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Friday sermon: the value of water

Allah gave humans life and created the Earth to sustain them, so why not thank Him for what He is done? The sermon will ask worshippers on Friday.

The Quran repeatedly reminds Muslims of the blessings bestowed on them by Allah, telling them the most basic of gifts — water — should not be taken for granted.

“Oh Humankind, worship and serve your Lord Who created you and those who were before you; in order that you may learn Taqwa (religious consciousness). He who made the earth a habitat for you, and the sky a structure, and sends water down from the sky, and brings out fruits thereby, as a sustenance for you.

“Did you look at the water that you drink? Is it you who brought it down from the clouds or is it We Who brought it down? If We had so pleased, We could have made it salt (and unpalatable). So why would you not give thanks?”

Had Allah not made water palatable, life could not be sustained on Earth, the sermon will say.

And no one knows the value of water like those who find themselves without it.

When Lady Hajar, wife of Prophet Ibrahim, was stranded in the desert without water to give her son, Prophet Ismail, she ran between Mount Safa and Mount Marwa seven times, ascending the mountains each time in search for help. After she was overcome with fatigue, Allah honoured her with a spring of water — Zamzam — for which she thanked Him.

In the Quran, Allah talks about water having healing properties and says people who give water to those in need will be greatly rewarded.

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