Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 1 June 2020

Friday sermon: the unexpected ways Allah rewards his believers

Those who live righteously will find their paths freed of difficulties, the sermon will tell worshippers

Those who believe in Allah and perform righteous deeds in the sincere hope that they will earn His favour, will find that He provides for them in ways they do not expect, the sermon will tell worshippers on Friday.

The Prophet gave an example of this when he told the story of three men who were travelling together and needed a safe place to stay. They entered a cave but a rock rolled down the mountain and trapped them inside.

“They said (to each other), ‘nothing can save you from this rock except to call upon Allah by remembering your righteous deeds which were done sincerely (for Allah’s sake alone),” said Prophet Mohammed.

One of the men invoked his piety towards his parents, saying he served them and prioritised their happiness and comfort over his own. In response, the rock moved a little – but not enough to pass.

The second man told of how he abstained from disobedience and refused to succumb to it even after its ways were made easy for him. And the rock moved a little again.

Finally, the third man said he was faithful in paying wages to those who worked for him. He said he did this sincerely to seek Allah’s favour so the rock moved again, granting the men their freedom.

This is the nature of the reward for those who live righteously, the sermon will say. Allah will remove all difficulties and facilitate their paths towards goodness.

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